Philip Hauge Reitz main focus in his creative work across all media, is expressing the emotions that may be present in the moment. He is interested in the physical and psychological investigation of abstract art. Both in the process, and in the finished work. His unique paintings are everything from minimalistic and simple, to expressive and complex, with lots of color, structure and continuous patterns among other. Philip will often work on a painting for multiple days, which creates layers and depth. This is part of the storytelling, that emphasizes different moods and emotions in the motifs. The works are often done with various acrylic mediums on canvas, paper and wood. It is the inner journey that the observer may experience, that has the greatest significance to Philip.

Philip Hauge Reitz is a danish artist born in 1994 and based in Aarhus. He has since 2009 produced electronic music and sound design, which has been used in Prokk exhibitions, video material for Kunstø among other. In his later years he started his journey in visual art, where he early on exhibited at galleries in Aarhus and Samsø. Later he created several series of digital art prints, which can be seen in stores like Magasin, Posters & Frame, Kræss, Papirværk and Plakaten. Furthermore, Philip has studied EUX Business via EUC Nordvestsjælland, Graphic Design Main Course via Aarhus Tech, Design & Music Semester via Rødding Højskole and Film Elective Semester via Kochs10 as well as certifications in Contemporary Art and Postwar Abstract Painting via Moma Online.